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Kaz Crossley, is a British reality TV star,  influencer and Presenter, after bursting onto the scene with her magnetic charisma and radiant personality she quickly captured hearts with her appearance on the hit show "Love Island" in 2018. 


With a background in makeup artistry and a passion for fashion, Kaz has leveraged her fame to become a style icon and beauty enthusiast, inspiring countless fans with her fashion-forward choices and makeup tutorials. 


Beyond her glamorous image, she is also known for her dedication to fitness, and her commitment to empowerment, encouraging others to chase their dreams and embrace self-confidence. 


As a passionate Muay Thai boxer, Kaz noticed a big space for Women in the sport, with gyms being dominated by men and struggling to find courses that women could feel comfortable in.  So on International Women's Day 2022  Combat Collective began, a space for women to feel empowered, capable create friendships and have fun whilst learning the basics of Muay Thai. 

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